Sureair Odour Neutralising Products

The innovative range of Sureair odour neutralising products.

Sureair Gels

Sureair Gel 1L Sureair Gel 1L Sureair Gel 1L Sureair Gel 1L
Sureair Gel 5L Sureair Gel 5L Sureair Gel 5L

Sureair Odour Neutralizing Gel is a complex formula utilizing essential oils to neutralize a large array of organic and non organic odours within your environment. Sureair Neutralizing Gel does not mask odours it neutralizes them.

The gels are available in four different scents: Bubblegum, Cotton Fresh, Lemon and Cafe Creme, and in two sizes: 1 and 5 Litres.


Sureair 250mL CF Spray Sureair 250mL Bub Spray Sureair 250mL Lemon Spray

Sureair sprays are a liquid concentrate. The spray has been designed to increase its' effectiveness, minimising the time it takes the atomized droplets to permeate the environment into which they are released. This provides a quicker and more intense action against unwanted odours.

The spray are available in three scents: Bubblegum, Cotton Fresh and Lemon and in two sizes: 250mL and 500mL.


Sureair Liquids Sureair Liquids Sureair Liquids

Sureair Liquids are designed to complement our Gel and Spray products.

With Gel products the liquids can be used as a rejuvenator every time the gel requires a stir or to replenish a fully or part used gel unit, extending gel life and increasing value for money.

With Spray products the liquids can be used simply as a refill.

Sureair Liquids are available in Bubblegum, Cotton Fresh and Lemon scents, in a 1 Litre re-sealable bottle.


Sureair Powerblasts Sureair Powerblasts Sureair Powerblasts

Clean citrus and fresh laundry, cherry and water melon fragrances.

Power Blasts are particularly suitable where there is a need to fragrance large areas, or eliminate pungent odours quickly and effectively. Power Blasts leave a lingering fine fragrance which will combat odours for long periods.


Sureair Neutrablock

Odour Neutralising Blocks are an absorbant fibre block saturated with odour neutralising oils.

Simple to use - open the packet and remove the block. Place the block in the air stream of a fan or in some ventilation ducting to disperse the fragrance. The concentrated oils will release a neutralising fragrance lasting up to ten days.



Sureair Antibac

Anti-static and fast drying - Antibac leaves surfaces hygienically clean and is ideal for greenhouses, grow rooms and growing equipment.

Kills Germs: Antibac is effective against a wide range bacteria and moulds. It complies with BS EN 1276 and contains the same active ingredient as the santiser that is widely used in hospitals to guard against E.coli, MRSA and numerous other bacteria.

Environment: Antibac is not harmful to plants, but as with all products used in greenhouses, try to avoid direct contact with plants.

NeutraBreeze Fans

Sureair NeutraBreeze Fan

In order to get the best from Sureair Neutralising Gels the neutralising vapors need to be distributed around the environment. This is the job of the NeutraBreeze fan.

Fan fits directly on top of the 1 litre gel jars and the 5 litre gel buckets.

Dramatically improves the performance of odour neutralising gels.

Power adaptor included.

Disperses the neutraliser a full 360 degrees round your environment.

Very quiet in operation.